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For all other questions or concerns, please call 346-702-8936.

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

Payment matters?

Medicare and out-of-pocket payments accepted.  Cash and check accepted.  Sliding scale available, on a case-by-case basis.  

Scheduling matters?

Sessions are by appointment only.  No walk-ins.  Appointment times are from Mondays to Fridays, 10.00am to 8.00pm, and Saturdays from 10.00am to 4.00pm.  Call 346-702-8936 to schedule your visit.

Cancellation policy?

There is a 24-hour cancellation policy - changes to appointment times or cancellations must be made at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time, in order to avoid paying full fee.  

What if I am in a crisis?

Do NOT use e-mail or text to contact regarding a crisis.  I do not provide 24-hour crisis coverage.  If you are in crisis, please call 911.

Modes of therapy available?

Only face-to-face psychotherapy is provided at this time.  Psychotherapy will NOT be provided over e-mail, text, phone, or voicemail. 

Individual, marital, family and group psychotherapy. Under special circumstances, tele-therapy could be arranged.

Confidentiality & privacy policy?

The law protects the relationship between a client and a psychotherapist, and information cannot be disclosed without written permission/consent.  However, exceptions include:

  • Suspected child abuse or dependent adult or elder abuse, for which I am required by law to report this to the appropriate authorities immediately.

  • If a client is threatening serious bodily harm to another person/s, I must notify the police and inform the intended victim.

  • If a client intends to harm himself or herself, I will make every effort to enlist their cooperation in ensuring their safety. If they do not cooperate, I will be required to take further measures without their permission to me by law in order to ensure their safety.

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