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UNUSED Featured Services: Projects

Clinical Specialization

- Chronic pain management
- Anxiety/phobias
- Mental health issues related to chronic medical conditions (e.g., stress, losses, identity issues, sleep problems)
- Clinical hypnosis for irritable bowel syndrome and habit disorders
- Veterans post-war reintegration back into society   
- Family conflict resolution
- Assessment and treatment of sex offenders (Licensed Treatment Service Provider; LSOTP)

Free Complimentary Group Psychotherapy* for Active Clients (Promotional)

Active clients are defined as having seen Dr. Gabriel Tan for at least 2 individual/couple/family sessions, and committed to at least 2 sessions a month continuously. Choice of group therapy available:

1) Personal development and growth groups

2) Veterans support groups

3) Senior support groups

*Group psychotherapy:

In addition to individual/couple/family therapy, groups offer opportunity for clients to interact with others in a supportive and therapeutic environment under the guidance of the group therapist. Many experts in the field believe that group therapy provides multiple therapeutic benefits to participants such as “group healing effects”, and in some situations, group therapy is the preferred treatment of choice. After spending many years doing group therapy, Dr. Gabriel Tan is inclined to this belief. This is an optional offer, but for those who might be interested, the benefits could be immense.

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