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About Me

My journey has exposed me to diverse backgrounds, allowing me to better understand human behavior, and be more sensitive to individual’s unique values and worldviews.

I was born and raised in Indonesia and schooled in Malaysia.  When I was 17 years old I came to the United States for higher education, and have remained largely since then (Except for brief periods of living and working in Canada and Singapore.)  I have lived all over the US from Tennessee, Kentucky, California, and Texas. Moving to so many different communities has taught me so much.  I have interacted, studied, taught, worked with, and treated people from various ethnic or cultural heritages, upbringings, religions, and sexual orientations.  These diverse experiences help me shape highly individualized treatment plans according to my clients’ needs. While I cannot know completely what your journey is like, I am willing to walk alongside you, support you, and facilitate you in your own journey of healing, growth, acceptance, and change.

My Approach to Psychotherapy and Counseling

I do not believe in one-size-fits-all approach to counseling. Human beings are far too unique and complex. I take time to individualize treatment plan and treatment goals, and to review and revise them periodically.

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